The dancing bear 會跳舞的熊
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A bear, who had made his living by dancing for a long time, at length escaped from his master, and returned to his former companions in the woods.
His brothers welcomed him with most friendly growls1. The traveler now told what he had seen foreign countries, told a long history of his adventures, and, to exhibit his wonderful feats2, began, in an erect3 position, to dance the Polonaise. His brothers, who were watching the performance, were astonished at his grace, and tried to imitate his ballet steps. It was in vain, hardly were they raised on two legs when they fell again upon all fours. Seeing their awkwardness, the bear went on exhibiting some higher displays of his art, which, at length, aroused the envy of the others, and so they drove him from their society.


1 growls 6ffc5e073aa0722568674220be53a9ea     
v.(動物)發狺狺聲, (雷)作隆隆聲( growl的第三人稱單數 );低聲咆哮著說
  • The dog growls at me. 狗向我狂吠。 來自《現代英漢綜合大詞典》
  • The loudest growls have echoed around emerging markets and commodities. 熊嚎之聲響徹新興的市場與商品。 來自互聯網
2 feats 8b538e09d25672d5e6ed5058f2318d51     
功績,偉業,技藝( feat的名詞復數 )
  • He used to astound his friends with feats of physical endurance. 過去,他表現出來的驚人耐力常讓朋友們大吃一驚。
  • His heroic feats made him a legend in his own time. 他的英雄業績使他成了他那個時代的傳奇人物。
3 erect 4iLzm     
  • She held her head erect and her back straight.她昂著頭,把背挺得筆直。
  • Soldiers are trained to stand erect.士兵們訓練站得筆直。
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