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US President's speech on American economic future (August 6,2005)



To grow the economy and help American families, we acted by passing the largest tax relief in a generation. And today, thanks to the tax relief and the efforts of America's workers and entrepreneurs, our economy is strong and growing stronger.

This past week, we learned that America added over 200,000 new jobs in July. Since May of 2003, we've added nearly 4 million new jobs. The unemployment rate is down to 5 percent, below the average of the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. And more Americans are working today than ever before in our nation's history.

Recent economic reports show that our economy is growing faster than any other major industrialized nation. Small businesses are flourishing. Workers are taking home more of what they earn. Real disposable personal income has grown by over 12 percent since the end of 2000. Inflation is low and mortgage rates are low. And over the past year, the home ownership rate in America has reached record levels.

The tax relief stimulated1 economic vitality2 and growth and it has helped increase revenues to the Treasury3. The increased revenues and our spending restraint have led to good progress in reducing the federal deficit4. Last month we learned that the deficit is now projected to be $94 billion less than previously5 expected. I set a goal of cutting the deficit in half by 2009, and we are ahead of pace to meet that goal.

To continue creating jobs and to ensure that our prosperity reaches every corner of America, we're opening markets abroad for our goods and services. This past week, I was proud to sign the Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement. This historic agreement will level the playing field for America's workers and farmers, and open up a market of 44 million customers for products made in the United States.

To keep our economy growing we also need affordable6, reliable supplies of energy. Next week in New Mexico, I'll sign a bipartisan energy bill that encourages conservation, expands domestic production in environmentally sensitive ways, diversifies7 our energy supply, modernizes8 our electricity grid9 and makes America less dependent on foreign sources of energy. And next Wednesday in Illinois, I'll sign a highway bill that will improve the safety of our roads, strengthen our transportation infrastructure10 and create good jobs.

Our economy is strong, yet I will not be satisfied until every American who wants to work can find a job. So this coming Tuesday I will meet with my economic team in Texas to discuss our agenda to keep the economy moving forward. As Congress considers appropriations11 bills this fall, we will work with the House and the Senate to ensure that taxpayer12 dollars are spent wisely, or not at all.

We need to make the tax relief permanent, end the death tax forever, and make our tax code simpler, fairer and more pro-growth. We'll continue working on Social Security reform. Social Security is sound for today's seniors, but there's a hole in the safety net for our younger workers, so I'll work with the Congress to strengthen Social Security for our children and grandchildren. I'll continue to press for legal reform to protect small businesses, doctors and hospitals from junk lawsuits13. And we will work to make health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans.

The American economy is the envy of the world and we will keep it that way. We will continue to unleash14 the entrepreneurial spirit of America, so more of our citizens can realize the American Dream.

Thank you for listening.

Good morning. As families across the country enjoy the summer, Americans can be optimistic about our economic future. In the past four years, our economy has been through a lot: we faced a stock market decline, a recession, corporate15 scandals, an attack on our homeland, and the demands of an ongoing16 war on terror.


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  • The exhibition has stimulated interest in her work. 展覽增進了人們對她作品的興趣。
  • The award has stimulated her into working still harder. 獎金促使她更加努力地工作。
2 vitality lhAw8     
  • He came back from his holiday bursting with vitality and good health.他度假歸來之后,身強體壯,充滿活力。
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  • This book is a treasury of useful information.這本書是有價值的信息寶庫。
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  • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point.自行車胎在以前損壞過的地方又爆開了。
  • Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously.讓我岔開一會兒,解釋原先發生了什么。
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現代化事物( modernize的名詞復數 )
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  • In time to come, as a society modernizes, people's rights and responsibilities should be balanced. 從發展的角度看,一個社會越是具有現代性,它的公民的權利和義務就越是平衡。
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10 infrastructure UbBz5     
  • We should step up the development of infrastructure for research.加強科學基礎設施建設。
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  • The issues raised in the report relate directly to Age Concern's ongoing work in this area.報告中提出的問題與“關心老人”組織在這方面正在做的工作有直接的關系。
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