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An animal behaviorist says she's figured out what dogs are doing when they make that excited panting noise while playing or anticipating a much desired walk. They're laughing.

Patricia Simonet, development and program coordinator1 for Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service, also found that the sound of dog laughter comforts other dogs. When she played a recording2 of "play panting" through the speaker system at a shelter in Spokane Valley, all the barking dogs quieted within a minute.

"I wanted to see if I could reduce (the dogs') stress by playing the sound in the shelter," Simonet said. "I was surprised when they were calm and quiet."

Simonet, who will soon complete a doctorate3 in animal behavior from Northcentral University in Prescott, Ariz., presented her study on reducing shelter dogs' stress at the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment last summer at Columbia University in New York.

She started researching dog sounds in 2001 at Sierra Nevada College in Lake Tahoe, where she was a professor of animal behavior. After coming to Spokane, she began studying how to make shelter dogs feel more at ease.

Simonet and her students started by recording dogs at play. They eventually isolated4 the growling5, whining6, barking and the sound she now calls laughter.

About a year ago, she asked Nancy Hill, director of the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS7) if she could use the shelter dogs to determine the impact of dog sounds.

When SCRAPS was closed on Sundays, she would play the tapes for the typically stressed animals.

"This is not home for the dogs," Hill said. "She saw that and wanted to help." Hill said she was pleasantly surprised with the results. "I've been here for 20 years, and this is the most significant thing I've seen," she said.

Hill is getting estimates to install a sound system that would carry the laughter throughout the SCRAPS kennels8. Calming the dogs this way may even make them more presentable for adoption9







1 coordinator Gvazk6     
  • The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, headed by the Emergency Relief Coordinator, coordinates all UN emergency relief. 聯合國人道主義事務協調廳在緊急救濟協調員領導下,負責協調聯合國的所有緊急救濟工作。
  • How am I supposed to find the client-relations coordinator? 我怎么才能找到客戶關系協調員的辦公室?
2 recording UktzJj     
  • How long will the recording of the song take?錄下這首歌得花多少時間?
  • I want to play you a recording of the rehearsal.我想給你放一下彩排的錄像。
3 doctorate fkEzt     
  • He hasn't enough credits to get his doctorate.他的學分不夠取得博士學位。
  • Where did she do her doctorate?她在哪里攻讀博士?
4 isolated bqmzTd     
  • His bad behaviour was just an isolated incident. 他的不良行為只是個別事件。
  • Patients with the disease should be isolated. 這種病的患者應予以隔離。
5 growling growling     
n.吠聲, 咆哮聲 v.怒吠, 咆哮, 吼
  • We heard thunder growling in the distance. 我們聽見遠處有隆隆雷聲。
  • The lay about the deck growling together in talk. 他們在甲板上到處游蕩,聚集在一起發牢騷。
6 whining whining     
n. 抱怨,牢騷 v. 哭訴,發牢騷
  • That's the way with you whining, puny, pitiful players. 你們這種又愛哭、又軟弱、又可憐的賭棍就是這樣。
  • The dog sat outside the door whining (to be let in). 那條狗坐在門外狺狺叫著(要進來)。
7 scraps 737e4017931b7285cdd1fa3eb9dd77a3     
  • Don't litter up the floor with scraps of paper. 不要在地板上亂扔紙屑。
  • A patchwork quilt is a good way of using up scraps of material. 做雜拼花布棉被是利用零碎布料的好辦法。
8 kennels 1c735b47bdfbcac5c1ca239c583bbe85     
n.主人外出時的小動物寄養處,養狗場;狗窩( kennel的名詞復數 );養狗場
  • We put the dog in kennels when we go away. 我們外出時把狗寄養在養狗場。
  • He left his dog in a kennels when he went on holiday. 他外出度假時把狗交給養狗場照管。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
9 adoption UK7yu     
  • An adoption agency had sent the boys to two different families.一個收養機構把他們送給兩個不同的家庭。
  • The adoption of this policy would relieve them of a tremendous burden.采取這一政策會給他們解除一個巨大的負擔。
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