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Jehdi and Hassan were two merchants who were very close friends. Jehdi was a cheerful person, whereas Hassan was very serious, perhaps too cautious and careful. But an unbreakable bond of friendship tied them together and this made their journey in business a happy one, for they never had any disputes.
One time they started together toward the city of Touria.
They arrived at the outskirts1 of a forest where the big trees, moist rocks and cool shade invited them to take a well-deserved rest. Within a minute Jehdi fell asleep.
Hassan looked at his friend with a sigh and told himself, "He sleeps peacefully in nature, as if he were in his own house. I am afraid of someone robbing me. Even though the thief might get very little, I am too apprehensive2 and I prefer to be cautious. After all, one never knows what might happen."
哈桑望著他的朋友,嘆了口氣,自語道:“在荒郊野外他竟然能睡得這樣安穩,就像在自己家一樣。我就會擔心有人搶劫。雖然強盜搶不走什么值錢的東西,可我心里卻惴惴不安,還是小心為妙。畢 竟,誰知道會有什么事情發生呢?”
Hassan was ruminating3 over his anxiety when suddenly he saw a wasp4 coming out of Jehdi's left nostril5 . Its enigmatic dance surprised him. It flew toward a single pine tree standing6 on a rock, circled the tree three times, and then returned to the sleeping Jehdi and disappeared into his right nostril.
哈桑正憂心忡忡地胡思亂想,突然看到一只黃蜂從杰迪的左鼻孔里爬了出來。黃蜂跳起神秘的舞蹈,讓哈桑驚訝不已。接著,黃蜂朝生長在巖石上的一棵松樹飛去,繞樹三圈,又飛回酣睡中的杰迪身 邊,消失在他的右鼻孔里。
Just at that moment Jehdi woke up, sat up laughing and said, "Hassan, you will never believe me. I just had a marvelous dream. Just imagine that there is big pine tree standing on a high rock, exactly like the one you see there. A wasp droned around the trunk and it swings buzzed as if to say, 'You must dig in this place! You must dig in this place!' I started digging and found a big pot full of gold coins. I have never in my life seen so much money!"
Yes, truly it is a strange dream, replied Hassan. "If I were in your place, I would have dug around the pine tree there."
My poor friend, how naive7 you are. I would never take a dream seriously. It is so hot here. To dig would be torture! Please, let us continue our journey ...
But Hassan insisted, "Jehdi, a dream like this surely has a meaning. If you do not want to dig, I will try instead. Do you know what I propose to you? Sell your dream to me."
但哈桑堅持說:“杰迪,這樣的一個夢肯定含有某種暗示。如果你不想挖,我倒想試一試。你明白我的意思嗎?把你的夢賣給我 吧。”
Jehdi began laughing loudly. "This is a good piece of business for me!How much will you pay?"
You have said that there is a big pile of gold coins. I am your friend and I do not want to wrong you. You tell me how much you estimate to be the price of your dream.
After a brief discussion, they agreed to the sum of 300 coins.
Never have I made such a business deal. So much money for a simple dream of no value. How gullible8 you are, Hassan!
The two friends then went under the pine tree which the wasp had shown in the dream. Jehdi was amused to see Hassan perspiring9 profusely10 and breaking his back with the shovel11. He continued on until the shovel made a dull sound as if it had struck something hard.
What a surprise for the two merchants when they uncovered an earthen pot full of gold coins! Before breaking it, Hassan noted12 an inscription13 near the handle: "The first of seven."
The first of seven. That means there should be six more pots buried,Jehdi understood, starting to regret the deal he had concluded too quickly.
“七個中的第一個,也就是說下面還埋著六個呢。”杰迪明白了, 他開始對這樁倉促成交的買賣感到后悔。
This time both of them dug with energy and, sure enough, they found the six pots, one after another, each one filled to the brim with gold coins.
Hassan built a huge inn in the city and named it The Bulgy14 Pot. He lived as a rich and satisfied man until his death.
When Hassan was alive, Jehdi often came to visit him and greeted his friend with the words, "Well, Hassan, how are you? I have come to see what has happened to my dream." And then the two comrades patted each other on the back laughing. But every time Jehdi returned home sadder, for he knew that he could never buy back his dream.
哈桑在世的時候,杰迪經常來看望他。一見面,杰迪便說:“嗨,哈桑,你好嗎?我已經看到我的夢如何變成了現實。”然后這兩位朋友互相拍拍對方的后背,笑一笑。但杰迪每一次回到家后, 便會更加傷心。因為他知道,他永遠不可能再把他的夢贖回來。


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  • Our car broke down on the outskirts of the city.我們的汽車在市郊出了故障。
  • They mostly live on the outskirts of a town.他們大多住在近郊。
2 apprehensive WNkyw     
  • She was deeply apprehensive about her future.她對未來感到非常擔心。
  • He was rather apprehensive of failure.他相當害怕失敗。
3 ruminating 29b02bd23c266a224e13df488b3acca0     
v.沉思( ruminate的現在分詞 );反復考慮;反芻;倒嚼
  • He sat there ruminating and picking at the tablecloth. 他坐在那兒沉思,輕輕地撫弄著桌布。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
  • He is ruminating on what had happened the day before. 他在沉思前一天發生的事情。 來自《簡明英漢詞典》
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  • All South American monkeys have flat noses with widely spaced nostril.所有南美洲的猴子都有平鼻子和寬大的鼻孔。
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  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震過后只有幾幢房屋還立著。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他們堅決反對對法律做任何修改。
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  • Don't be naive.The matter is not so simple.你別傻乎乎的。事情沒有那么簡單。
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  • The swindlers had roped into a number of gullible persons.騙子們已使一些輕信的人上了當。
  • The advertisement is aimed at gullible young women worried about their weight.這則廣告專門針對擔心自己肥胖而易受騙的年輕女士。
9 perspiring 0818633761fb971685d884c4c363dad6     
v.出汗,流汗( perspire的現在分詞 )
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  • He had been working hard and was perspiring profusely. 他一直在努力干活,身上大汗淋漓的。
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  • The local hotel is noted for its good table.當地的那家酒店以餐食精美而著稱。
  • Jim is noted for arriving late for work.吉姆上班遲到出了名。
13 inscription l4ZyO     
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14 bulgy 096a72b8ea430b9564e6e81808ed6a79     
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  • Lumbar shoulder dish what does the earlier note after bulgy operation have? 腰肩盤凸出手術后初期的注重事項有哪些?
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